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‘They need stuff to survive in summer, fall, winter and spring.’ One 7-year-old boy from North Carolina has taken it upon himself to give to the underprivileged. When the project to hand out ‘blessing bags’ to the homeless was first conceived in his community church, Caiden Perez raised his hand high to help the cause. What was intended to be a one-off giving project has now turned into a weekend ritual with his father. Blessing bags contain food, socks, shampoo, water and other necessities to support those living without homes on the streets of Winston-Salem, NC. Check out this heartwarming clip of Caiden and his father gifting the bags, and expressing why it makes them so happy.


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  • Rev. Gisele King

    Lots of love dear and blessings forever.

  • Adonia

    It's really great that he loves to tell them welcome after they have said thank you. This shows how much he is willing to give. What a blessing.

  • Isabel Dow

    What a beautiful and wonderful idea, I would love to do something similar, perhaps make some of the ingredients myself! The heart of this child shines right through, very inspirational <3

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