In a small urban park in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dorah Lobelo founded the Greenhouse Project, a dynamic center that has grown to become a seedbed for organic farming, sustainable design, and community-building. Using donated park space, she has created an environmental demonstration center in a dense inner city that tackles the extremes of poverty, environmental degradation, and community regeneration. Through recycling, green building and design, organic urban farming, the use of alternative fuels, and employing environmentally-based entrepreneurial skills, the Greenhouse Project empowers neighborhood residents to take a holistic approach to local challenges and demonstrates that everyone can do something. It is a nurturing home for activists and an inspiration for individuals to take responsibility for improving their own quality of life while creating a socially just, healthy and sustainable world.


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  • Canticle Farm in Oakland California is an urban eco-village working to promote sustainable living, organic food, and peace in the midst of the city. 
  • Take a course in cob building to learn how to design and build homes out of low-cost, eco-friendly materials. 
  • What is one thing you can do today to take responsibility for improving your quality of life while creating a socially just, healthy, and sustainable world?

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