In the inner city of Johannesburg, South Africa, people are being reminded of what they used to know - how to grow food, build shelter, and deal with their waste. Offering green living and tools for self-sufficiency, the GreenHouse Project is transforming this urban center into a seedbed of sustainable community. The GreenHouse Project works in five areas -- green building, efficient and renewable energy, recycling, organic farming and doing more with less-- to promote well-being for all in the midst of city life.


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  • Canticle Farm in Oakland California is an urban eco-village working to promote sustainable living, organic food, and peace in the midst of the city. 
  • Take a course in cob building to learn how to design and build homes out of low-cost, eco-friendly materials. 
  • Enact the principle of "doing more with less" and volunteer with Food not Bombs to redirect food that would otherwise be wasted to those who need it most. 

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