A film by Kim Aronson.

It’s a book lovers dream. Imagine walking through an archway supported by two massive pillars of books. Inside you find many more books on bookshelves next to sky-high piles of books. That’s the scene at the 2015 Bay Area Book Festival. A tremendous gift of 100,000 free books from the Internet archive spurred the creation of this outdoor library to provide free books to locals. “It’s wonderful ‘cause people who probably don’t even get to read get the opportunity to, you know, be around all these types of books, so, it’s a pretty good thing you guys are doing right here”, says Kasan. There are plenty of books available, organized by category, for any and all preferences. Just ask Sasha: “a bunch of teen romance books, and then reality books, focused on boys”, she says with a laugh. “It’s kind of a utopian art project”, according to Chelsy. Most avid readers will tend to agree.


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