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The founders of the GIVE Project realized that people who are homeless often don't eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, which are crucial to physical and mental health. In 2010 they started Juicing for the Homeless with a simple mission: to promote and expand awareness around health through juicing raw foods and living consciously. Visiting homeless shelters in the Los Angeles area, they were able to see firsthand the effects of their work. The enjoyment of fresh juice and the care and respect shown to people lifted their moods, giving them energy and a feeling of well being. The words of the founder and director of the GIVE Project serve as a valuable reminder, "If you can help just one single person that is a great deal."


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  • Access further information on Homeless Nutrition Education.
  • When you shop, make it a habit to buy items for a local food bank. A few dollars a month can help a lot. Visit Feeding America to find one near you.
  • Try juicing today and see for yourself how good it can make you feel. 

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