Mason Wartman was making a living working on Wall Street.  All of his financial needs were met but his life lacked meaning.  In 2013 he opened a restaurant in Philadelphia, Rosa's Fresh Pizza.  He knew he would have some customers who were homeless because his prices were low and his food was good.  He was not, however, expecting what happened next.  It started with one person who asked to pre-pay a slice for someone in need.  Wartman put a post-it note on the wall and a movement was born.  Today the wall is covered with post-its, each equal to a $1 slice of pizza for anyone who needs it, along with encouraging messages like "You are loved. Have a slice on me." and "Enjoy! You're worth it!"  As of 2015 Rosa's had given away over 23,000 slices and now serves up to 100 homeless people per day.  Wartman has found meaning in his life.  "I get to see a positive difference be made in a city I really love."  That's not easy to find on Wall Street.


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  • Learn more about Rosa's Fresh Pizza and read about the people they've helped, and how some of them have gone on the help others.
  • Ask at a local coffee house if you can pre-pay for a homeless person to have a meal.  If they don't have a program, ask if you can help them start one.
  • When you shop, buy extra snacks to give to people in need. Other helpful items are bottled water, rain ponchos, gloves, socks, and feminine hygiene products. Many of these items can be purchased in bulk or found in dollar stores, and they can mean a lot.

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