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We tend to think of wolves as ferocious hunting animals. But do these creatures also have a softer, nurturing side? Can they help heal human beings by harnessing their connection to nature? At Promises Treatment Center in West Los Angeles, the wolf connection program for young adults helps people cope with traumatic life experiences, substance abuse, emotional issues, and more. "You can put your other stuff to the side, and it allows for a connection that is very deep and on a primal level" says Teo Alfero, whose title is "pack leader" of the wolf connection program. He feels that this program appeals to young adults because of its novelty. "There's nothing new under the sun", he says, with regard to advice and inspiration when attempting to get through to most in this age group. Wolf therapy, on the other hand, gets one's attention. And it provides relief from one's personal struggles, if only for a moment, so that recovery can begin to take place.


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