Raul Baez spent twelve years in prison for armed robbery. While incarcerated, he found God and Christianity and became determined to help others who had also lost their way at some point. Baez created WITO (We Innovatively Transform Ourselves), a nonprofit organization named after his son. WITO helps inmates make good decisions regarding personal finance and with character development before they re-enter the world as free people. Only 28 percent of those who graduate from Baez’s WITO program return wind up back in the prison system versus 67 percent or two-thirds of all New York inmates. Baez dropped out of school in the seventh grade and was a drug addict for twenty-five years. “One thing it taught me was that you start where you’re at, with what you got, and you start now”, he says about his life experiences. His strength and willingness to give back are an inspiration to many. And his message of hope resonates with people from all walks of life.


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  • Sahara

    Congratulations Raul Baez! You are such an inspiration to God, and to our beloved world! You have shown us, that one can take a tragedy and have a turn around with the humbleness of the Divine. And how you've given back is purely a beautiful thing. The many people you have graced your love, light and time with... is a total blessing. Your purpose affects many. You are a wonderful inspiration... thank you <3

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  • Visit the official website of WITO and learn more about their programs.
  • There are many ways to support people in prison. Here are seven ways. 
  • Consider becoming a pen pal of a prisoner inmate.

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