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When Lexi Kelley was 12 years old she was in a car accident which involved a lengthy recuperation time. The many friends and classmates who helped her during this difficult period inspired her to found Kids Helping Kids (KHK). There are now 250 kids from 51 schools involved in KHK, whose mission is “to develop leadership skills through youth-led service projects.”  Adults help as needed, but every project is initiated, managed, and led by kids. In this video we learn about Promising Pickings, an event created to provide prom dresses, shoes, and even makeup and accessories to kids whose families may not be able to afford these items.  Lexi shows us that we all have something to give to the world. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to find it.


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  • Follow Kids Helping Kids on Facebook to see more of the ways these inspiring kids are making their communities a better place.
  • Encourage a child you know to become a Kids Helping Kids Community Ambassador and help spread the mission of Kids Helping Kids all over the world.
  • Look through your closet for old bridesmaids dresses or suits that you don’t wear. Call a local high school or youth center and ask if they are accepting clothing donations for homecoming or the prom.

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