Rochelle Ripley made a promise to her grandmother, a full-blooded Lakota woman, before she died. She promised to take care of her people when she grew up. Those who live on the Lakota reservation struggle with food insecurity, unemployment, health issues, addictions, and other forms of severe adversity. “My grandmother was my world,” she says. Today, through her non-profit, hawkwing, her efforts have delivered an estimated nine million dollars in goods and services to the Lakota community. As Ripley says: “We’re all children of this Earth, and we need to work together so that everyone has a chance at a decent life.”


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  • Learn more of Rochelle Ripley's incredible personal story!  
  • Visit the website of hawkwing, the nonprofit organization established by Rochelle Ripley. 
  • Call up some local organizations — churches, battered women’s shelters, homeless shelters — and ask what kind of donations they need.

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