When veterans return home from combat, they often have difficulty readjusting to civilian life, especially if it was an intense deployment. Loved ones do not always understand what the veteran went through and veterans may have difficulty processing what they experienced. Sean Gobin hiked the Appalachian Trail after his deployment to accomplish a dream he had as a child but he realized that the hike helped him cope with the challenges he faced following his deployment. He decided that he would use this revelation to help other veterans who were facing similar issues. The Warrior Hike gives veterans everything they need to hike the length of the trail. Veterans go out on the trail with other veterans, so they are surrounded by people who understand what they are facing. The veterans also receive Trail Town Support along the hike. The experience allows the veterans time to process their war experience and transition into civilian life.


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  • If you know a veteran who would benefit from the Warrior Hike, encourage him/her to apply
  • Volunteer at your local Veterans Affairs center to help veterans in need.
  • Thank any active duty personnel or veteran you know - a simple thought of appreciation can go a long way!

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