As a society, we have become so busy and on-the-go. We are able to do so much more than ever, but we often forget about the seniors and those with disabilities in our lives who are not able to do as much. Inez Russell, a CNN Hero, recognized this need in her own community and is working to help seniors with everyday tasks, big and small, through her nonprofit, Friends for Life. The organization, founded in Texas in 1989, helps seniors and people with disabilities do things they cannot do themselves, such as shop for groceries and manage money. Friends for Life helps people live full, independent lives and provides essential human contact.


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  • Find out more about Friends for Life and the work they are doing to improve the quality of life of seniors and people with disabilities.
  • This list gives examples of some of the things you can do for elderly neighbors or family members.
  • Visit someone in a nursing home that does not receive many visitors.

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