Paris Sharper-Cherry has had 3 heart transplants, the first of which occurred at three years of age. Doctors never expected him to live past the age of nine. He is currently waiting for a kidney transplant. Paris has found that drawing cartoons allows him to get through his life’s constant adversity. Steve Barr has found inspiration in the eighteen-year-old's positive attitude. “As I’ve learned what his lifelong battle has been, he has become my hero”, says professional cartoonist Steve Barr. The two first met at Duke University Hospital, where Steve was volunteering. They connected over a shared love of drawing and now meet almost weekly. Steve reached out to some of his friends in the cartoon world and got them to send original works to Paris. “I wanna be a cartoonist, and I want to write books, but I want my books to be turned into a TV show. I also want to be in it playing myself,” says Paris.


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  • Learn more about living with organ transplants.
  • Consider becoming an organ donor to save lives and improve the quality of others living with failing organs.

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