So many people put off making a difference until they feel that they are in a good spot financially. Chris Burns and Llyn Peabody did not wait for this moment when they created the Alpine Sharing Garden, and subsequently, Monroe’s Sharing Garden. These gardens provide produce to food banks, charities, and volunteers in need of food. The “owners” are able to feed so many and have enough left over to sustain themselves. Even if people are not able to help with the gardens, there are options to donate tools. The gardens seek to bring community to the world and to show that good things come to those who volunteer without a price tag or to be recognized for doing good. 


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  • Learn more about the mission of the Sharing Gardens and if you are in the area, volunteer your time.
  • If you have a garden, see if a local food pantry will accept excess fresh produce.
  • Serve a meal at a local soup kitchen.

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