eL Seed creates magnificent murals he describes as a mix of calligraphy and graffiti using Arabic script. For the minaret of a mosque in his hometown of Gabès in Tunisia, he chose a quote from the Quran that says “Oh humankind, we have created you from a male and a female, and made you people and tribe, so you may know each other.” He chose this message because “it was a universal call for peace, tolerance, and acceptance coming from the side that we don’t usually portray in a good way in the media.” eL Seed likens the artistic quality of his work to that of music. Music is a universal language that can cross cultural boundaries. You can appreciate a song even if you don’t understand its lyrics. Likewise, with this calligraffiti, “you don’t need to know the meaning, to feel the piece.” Arabic script speaks to people of all nationalities and tongues, he says - it touches your soul before it reaches your eyes. Using this unique and amazing form of artwork that can be appreciated on a mass scale, eL Seed hopes to be an ambassador of his culture.


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