Baby clothes need not be used just once; they can be loved twice - sometimes more. Babies grow so quickly in their first year of life, trying to find clothes to keep them warm and comfortable can be quite difficult, not to mention expensive. For parents or families going through a hard time, this is especially so. Realizing this need, Lisa Klein has been collecting and redistributing gently used newborn clothes since 2005, when she did a clothing drive for a family who lost everything after Hurricane Katrina. Her compassion turned to passion when she decided to help families closer to home. In this video, Klein talks about her tireless efforts to collect and distribute the clothes, and shares feedback from grateful parents.


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  • Happened to have gently used infant clothes to donate? Here's how to help through Loved Twice.
  • Get involved with an organization that helps children in need. Here's a good place to start.
  • Today, seek out an opportunity to help a disadvantaged family in your community.

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