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Behind the sweet, innocent eyes of a young girl is a strength of resolve, waiting to show the world what she’s made of. Sisu - the Finnish word for ‘determination, courage and resilience’ - is this spark of strength that Chloe Chick - mother, and founder of the organi​z​ation ‘SisuGirls’ - aims to inspire in young girls all over the world. Believing that the experience of stumbling and failing when faced with challenge brings out the capacity to grow, Chick’s mission is to empower young women to find their inner strength. Creating the confidence to inspire these girls to chase their passions with courage, the online and in person programs of SisuGirls centre around sport and adventure activities which nurture their own Sisu nature. This organi​z​ation also supports an international community of girls through donation. To join the movement and find out more, check out this inspiring video.


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  • Visit the Sisu Girls website and be inspired by the many stories it showcases of courageous young women.
  • Watch this TED talk "Teach Girls Bravery Not Perfection" by the founder of Girls Who Code.
  • Find your own inner Sisu - why not try a new and challenging physical activity to explore your own courage and sense of adventure?

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