Touched deeply by a chance encounter with a farmer after a helicopter breakdown in Mali, West Africa, filmmaker and artist Yann Arthus-Bertrand set out on a cinematic journey that encompassed 3 years, 60 countries, and 2,000 people. In the "Human" project, Arthus-Bertrand captures on film personal and emotional accounts of issues that move us around the world, shedding light on our different struggles while at the same time illustrating that we are part of a greater human family. Here is the trailer for the three-part film, featuring gorgeous cinematography, powerful voices, and raw authenticity--just a taste of the whole "Human" experience.


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  • Watch "Human" for free on the Films for Action website by clicking here.
  • Learn more about the "Human" project and find out ways to get involved.
  • Imagine that your family is not just the people you live with, but all humans on earth. What are barriers that prevent people from loving others like family members? Today, tell someone who doesn't have a lot of family that they are your family.

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