Kim Carter grew up in a rough neighborhood. Her first drink was at 5 years old, and her first hit of crack cocaine was at 17. She experienced homelessness and prostitution and it wasn't long until she ended up in prison. In 1993, while she was still in prison, she decided it was time for a change. She was accepted into a rehabilitation program that helped her get clean. Today, Kim runs a nonprofit called Time for Change which helps homeless women and ex-prisoners get their lives back through housing, counseling, and job training. Watch this video to see Kim's transformation and the amazing work she is doing for her sisters.


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  • Learn more about the incredible work that Kim is doing for her homeless sisters through Time for Change Foundation. Share this link with others who you think might be interested.
  • For more inspiring stories of transformation, watch these TEDx talks by prisoners in Southern California who have used their time in prison to introspect and grow and who are determined to turn their lives around.
  • Next time you are tempted to pass a judgment on someone else's life, think about ways in which you could have ended up where they are if things had gone differently in your life. 

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