Vitoria Riva da Carvalho is a Brazilian conservationist seeking to keep her father's dream alive. Founder of the Cristalino Foundation and Cristalino Jungle Lodge, located in the Southern part of the Amazon Rainforest, Vitoria strives to protect the surrounding area from the constant threat of deforestation through sustainable tourism and ecological workshops. Her father originally came to the area to start new settlements, but much of the farmland was destroyed as a result of abandonment during the Gold Rush and subsequent deforestation for cattle ranching. Following her father's death, Vitoria felt called to honor him, and to give back to the world. "I feel this energy that comes from Nature to myself... it is something, I don't know if you believe, but it's something more spiritual I think that I feel, this energy."


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  • Monica Dabos

    Love you Guys! Thank you! I share on my wall on FB and hope this reaches millions of people. We need more Victoria Riva DaCarvalho in the world.

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  • Find out more about the work of the Cristalino Foundation.
  • Here are 10 ways you can improve earth's health. Choose one to try this week.
  • Vitoria says that everywhere, any person can make a difference in the world. Choose one thing you can do this month to make a difference, then nominate someone you know to do the same.

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