In Kenya, soaring food prices means that many families lack access to the fresh vegetables that are essential for a healthy diet. In response to this nutritional crisis, Peggy Pascal devised a simple way to grow fresh vegetables using only a recycled bag, soil and sprouts. With a Farm in a Bag outside their door, families in Kenya are able to cook nourishing meals at minimal cost. Pascal's revolutionary Farm in a Bag is helping reverse malnutrition in Kenya and empowering families to grow food for themselves even in very small spaces.


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    Wow...beautiful idea and is being practised and getting result. This really motivates me to adopt this idea of making local area green and tidy.

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  • Try Farming in a Bag at home. Here you can learn more about how to grow vegetables out of a sack. 
  • More and more urban farms are being established in food desserts in post-industrial America. Urban Roots highlights what is happening in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Volunteer at a local food-bank to help feed your community. Find a food bank near you.

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