A film by Our Better World.

Wilson donated bone marrow to Alice, who was dying of leukemia. “I like to use the same phrase that all donors use – no big deal. One day only, no big deal.” Many of his friends and family advised against it, believing it not to be worth the risk. He decided to disregard their opinions and found that it really wasn’t so bad - it was no big deal. In fact, Wilson found it to be such a positive experience that he wound up working for the Bone Marrow Donation Programme. Two years later, Wilson and Alice met for the first time. “It’s really something, you know," says Alice. "It gives me a new outlook of life; what life means.”


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  • rupesh

    wilson's selflessness. hats off....

  • Jyoti

    Natures way to say we are all one, and when you give without expectations even of recognition you get back something very very valuable. The pure love!

  • bob sauerbrey

    I registered as a bone marrow transplant donor a number of years ago. At 74, I may be considered too old to give, but I hope not. I've used it--now you can use it!

  • Francine

    His unselfishness. May God Bless you, Wilson❤️

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Touched , moved and Inspired . "Be the change you wish to see in the world ." Gandhi .

  • Cindy

    Beautiful person, wilson, you are indeed a hero.

  • Kati

    I registered as a bone marrow donor years ago. I should check to make sure that registration is still there. I loved this video. Guess I better share it on f/b.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautifully done. Thank you Wilson for your selflessness and for breaking the myths surrounding being a donor!

  • steve

    From Wilson I learned about https://www.ourbetterworld.org/. A beautiful website and I believe what Wilson done took some courage and meeting Alice for the first time was a wonderful idea

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