EcoViva began the Mangrove Alliance in 1996 with a goal to help the planet and those who live on it, by empowering people in small communities to enact big changes. Mangrove forests are important to El Salvador as well as to the rest of the world. They provide villages with food, fuel, and jobs, purify their water, and help stabilize shorelines by acting as a buffer against storms. They also pack away more carbon than rain forests, a fact important to help halt or slow the effects of global climate change. Here Douglas Chica tells us about the Wetlands Ranger program and how it is changing the lives of youth in his area. Young people there often fall into self destructive behaviors due to a lack of opportunities and educational resources in the region. This program gives them a purpose while also having fun. They see firsthand how activities such as blast fishing, logging, and pollution are killing natural resources and their future. The hope is that these children will lead the way to a better life to come.


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  • Learn more about  EcoViva and their many projects.  You can also find out about how you can take an ecotour with them to El Salvador.
  • Become inspired by youth initiatives around the world working to combat the effects of climate change.  
  • Shrimp farming is one of the industries having a negative impact on mangrove forests. Find out why here and sign the pledge to avoid imported, farmed shrimp.

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