A film by Big Short Films.

In the bustling metropolis of Chennai, in South India, a humble camera mechanic named Sekar demonstrates that “a love-based life is the real way of life”. For over a decade Sekar has woken up at the crack of dawn to prepare cooked rice to lay out on the terrace of his building for the thousands upon thousands of parrots who visit him each day. 40% of his income goes towards feeding his feathered friends, and he even has specially designed rice racks that allow them to feed together more easily. Sekar may have missed a few meals of his own in the past ten years, but the parrots have never gone unfed.To this remarkable man, love is universal. When we love unconditionally, service naturally flows through our lives. This beautifully shot video (and all those parrots!) bring his rare spirit and deep wisdom to life.


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  • Read more about Sekar's background in this beautiful photo essay The Uncommon Man of Chennai.
  • Check out another inspiring initiative in another part of the world that's saved thousands of parrots.
  • Take a leaf out of Sekar's book - commit to doing one small action every day in the spirit of service. Who knows where that may lead you!

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