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In the bustling metropolis of Chennai, in South India, a humble camera mechanic named Sekar demonstrates that “a love-based life is the real way of life”. For over a decade Sekar has woken up at the crack of dawn to prepare cooked rice to lay out on the terrace of his building for the thousands upon thousands of parrots who visit him each day. 40% of his income goes towards feeding his feathered friends, and he even has specially designed rice racks that allow them to feed together more easily. Sekar may have missed a few meals of his own in the past ten years, but the parrots have never gone unfed.To this remarkable man, love is universal. When we love unconditionally, service naturally flows through our lives. This beautifully shot video (and all those parrots!) bring his rare spirit and deep wisdom to life.


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  • Isidra

    love is the essence of the soul, what I had watch is love in action! God bless this man and give Him a long, long life!

  • Karen

    the kindness and the beauty the birds trust and love of him imirrors his thoughts ofand acts of kindness to them - If only more Humans could, would think this way...just 1 kindness.

  • cathy

    very inspiring and caring-salute the bird man

  • bharati dalal

    What a loyalty towards the birds!I salute the birdman!

  • Nancy Di Giorgio

    Loved this man -a being of Light. Not to worry. After he is gone the birds will find a way. This is a profound teaching story. One parrot out of the cage standing above a parrot still caged. The free parrot fed rice to the still caged parrot. Reminds me of Plato's - Republic: Allegory of the Cave - after one sees the light comes back and feeds otherswww.youtube.com/watch?v=_jmJGBJRlUQ - Science knows parrots repeat but also think/process. May we graduate and do the same - especially our "Leadership". "If the people will lead - the leaders will follow."

  • Stacy

    The intention is beautiful, the kindness, but isn`t it wrong to feed wild birds because they learn to depend on humans rather than forage for their own food? Also, what is their natural diet - surely not cooked rice. What happens when this man cannot continue? And wouldn`t the shit from this many birds be a problem on this man`s roof. He has a big heart, that point is well made, and the parrots make a beautiful scene.


    Extraordinary example of love and compassion indeed! Many thanks to the gentleman, Mr. Shekar and also for sharing the video.

  • Della Barbato

    His love and compassion for all things being is truly inspirational. 40% of his income for these parrots, wow.

  • Sybil

    Simple and profound! His face shows delight and love ... touching and inspirational!

  • Deepak

    Thank you . A beautiful example of Love from within , which indeed is universal . Thank you for who you are Mr Sekar .

  • Garrity Marianne M

    Just beautiful. Loved what he said about being content that you then turn to service. Beautiful human being from whom I have been touched and have learned to live simply and be content. Bless him

  • bunny g

    Thank you mr. Shekar sir for your kindness act you are trully a inspirational hero for all of us and thanks team for making this film....

  • Jeremy

    What a wonderful thing to have in your life, some entity that needs you and you can give some of your life to help....a truly warm feeling...I have always fed birds, whatever they are, wherever I am, many people have frowned when I have done this in some public places, but they are all Gods creatures and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life....

  • Brian

    Thanks Team...as He said: "Love is Universal"..."We should pursue it"...we are all special and important to the Team...Let's be encouraged...take care...Peace

  • Marian Call

    The depths of this man's love for the natural world, and his dedication to these birds

  • Mo

    Seeing kindness in action touched my heart.

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  • Check out another inspiring initiative in another part of the world that's saved thousands of parrots.
  • Take a leaf out of Sekar's book - commit to doing one small action every day in the spirit of service. Who knows where that may lead you!

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