With passion and conviction Melissa Fleming tells the incredibly moving story of 2 Syrian refugees who survived a boat capsizing and four days adrift at sea without food and water. The survivors are the courageous Doaa, a 19 year old who had fled with her fiance, seeking a future together, and a toddler whose mother left her with Doaa as she herself was drowning. The harrowing story of the 500 refugees who drowned at sea and the description of the desperate conditions that drive countless numbers of refugees to put their lives at risk, serve as a discomforting wake up call to the world. Melissa Fleming asks important questions that need to be answered.


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  • To help people like Doaa visit Hand in Hand for Syria to learn more.
  • See how you can help foster a culture of peace by visiting the UNESCO website.
  • Visit your local Red Cross, or other relief organizations, to find out how you can help people locally who have been displaced.

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