In this intriguing and thought provoking video several photographers are given the task of creating a photographic portrait of the same man. The twist is that each photographer is told something different about who the man is: an alcoholic, an ex-prisoner, a hero, a psychic, a fisherman, a self made millionaire. How do their preconceptions, based on false information, influence how the photographers portray their subject? The video states that "photography is shaped more by the person behind the camera than what is in front of it" and this experiment is a vivid example of that concept.


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  • Learn more about how Canon's The LAB challenges photographers to think creatively.
  • Explore what physicist David Rohm had to say on creativity and perception. 
  • The next time you pass a stranger on the street try to imagine how you would describe him or her and what the person does for a living. What appearances do you base this on? Could you be wrong?

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