A film by Jeffrey Karoff.

"I am a digger of caves and a piler of rocks." 65-year old Ra Paulette, using only hand tools, and with only his dog for company, has spent the past 25 years excavating caves. He is not an architect or a structural engineer; he is a man with an all-consuming passion to create spaces that are transformative. Scraping and shaping Northern New Mexico's sandstone into cathedral-like caves of art (he calls them his wilderness shrines) Paulette has created, massive, awe-inspiring, natural works of art that exposes all who enter to an aesthetic that stimulates deep emotion. Take a look at these "eighth wonders of the world."


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  • Syed

    Awesome Work! Incredible!I see a man searching for himself. Searching for his self. Searching for his Creator in His creation. Maybe.

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  • Learn more about Ra Paulette's caves, including photos and a virtual cave tour.
  • Watch Jeffrey Karoff's award-winning short film here.
  • Take the time to visit places that give you a sense of peace or wonder; places where you might come to a deeper understanding of yourself.

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