Beyond the basic human needs of shelter, water and food, a vital part of being human is our yearning to express. When we are denied safety, freedom and security in our home countries, as many cultures from war torn areas are - we need a beacon of hope. In Calais, in the middle of a refugee and migrant camp, a dome structure known as ‘The Good Chance Theatre’ is just that. Although basic standards of living are extremely low in this camp, a community of volunteers and residents have bonded their energies and strengths together to create a safe open space for all people. It is here, though workshops, movement, and learning that these people can connect with their creativity and find a source of freedom through expression. Watch the full video to feel the spark of hope and energy, to warm your heart and fill you with inspiration.


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  • Learn more about the Good Chance Theater through their website.
  • Help support a local community space for artists by offering your resources or time.
  • Create your own sacred space for creative expression, and invite friends to join in.

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