We all have down days and moments where we feel we can’t do something, or achieve a goal. But people like Manuel Yojcom Mendoza from Guatemala teach us that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Despite having physical limitations from birth, Manuel actively participates in his education, art, and community. Remember the next time you feel like something is out of your reach or abilities, the only limits in life are those you impose upon yourself. Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things every day. And you can too.


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  • vap mallan

    greatly inspiring.thanks to his mother,teacher and all those compassionate people around him for extending a helping hand

  • Brian

    Thanks for sharing Team. Giving thanks for Mr. Mendoza and his will to follow through in learning the processes to get to where he imagines. His accomplishments are an inspiration. Peace on Earth...1love is truth....peace

  • SabirHossain

    The contents of this article. God bless Manuel Yojcom Mendoza and people like him,

  • Eliz

    Amazing spirit. Amazing story. Thank you. Is there any way to help Manuel get to college?

  • Robert Sykes

    Have worked in a Medical Clinic in Honduras with Berkshire Amistad...hoping to return soon...currently affiliated with pediatric palliative care program in Massachusetts...thanks fo the inspiration on both sides of the border...more bridges and less walls...Benediciones!

  • Barbara G

    What do I love about this video? Just about everything! What an inspiring example he is setting for everyone. From his academic achievements, to his physical and artistic achievements - wonderful! And thank you to his mum for sharing with us her Love, strength and positivity towards life and especially children. xxx

  • Snehlata Patel

    Beautiful soul Manuel - you are amazing human being and thank u for inspiring me>

  • Deepak

    Inspirational . Unstoppable we all can be .The wanting should come from within . Thank you .

  • Germán

    There was nothing un-inspiring about this story, his self esteem is unstoppable, his mother is clearly a pillar of support for him, the community... all behind him. He has an almost royal presence, self accepting, un-emotional and very proud of himself. Thank you for this.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Super inspiring. If Manuel can push forward so can we <3

  • Cindy

    Manuel is a remarkable person, inspiring in so many ways. Benediciones!

  • Damilola Fasoranti

    As human beings, impossibility doesn't exist. We are truly limitless.

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