Marine scientist and ocean advocate Wallace J. Nichols was obsessed with turtles as a child and now works to bring sea turtles back from the brink of extinction. In this Tedx talk, he describes how that passion and connection with nature, combined with neuroscience, is the way out of our environmental crises. Nature is medicine. Nichols urges us to use “neuro-conservation”  to become the best versions of ourselves - to use our own Blue Mind.


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  • Become part of the Blue Marble Movement by passing a blue mind marble through every hand on Earth as a simple symbol of peace, gratitude, water and health. 
  • Discover how you can help America's waterways at Environment American Research and Policy Center
  • Make a date and immerse yourself in nature-- in a park, in your yard, by the beach, lake, or stream. Go alone and discover your Blue Mind.

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