A film by Sustainable Human.

Writer Charles Eisenstein offers us a meditation on climate change. As he sits watching the birds diving for fish while the ocean waves roll toward him, he is full of grief about what we are doing to nature. "We live in a brutal system," he explains, "and beauty brings pain." If the truth about climate change has been 'out there' for decades, why isn't more action taken, "why do people do what they do to each other?" Join him in this poetic search for meaning.


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  • Jodi simmons

    I share the grief, and the hope. Thank you.

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  • Read some of Eisenstein's essays; learn how "Individually and collectively, we are on a journey from a story of Separation to a new yet ancient story of Reunion."
  • Eisenstein discusses gift economy and a way of transitioning to a more connected, ecological and sustainable way of being in Sacred Economics.
  • Don't hesitate to join a group that is concerned with climate change even if it seems like just a drop in the bucket. "The heart calls us to actions that the mind cannot justify in the face of global problems." ~ Charles Eisenstein

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