The Food is Free Project (a 501c3 nonprofit) launched in January of 2012 to transform neighborhood blocks and unused public spaces by installing free gardens where community members may access and share the food being grown. The gardens use salvaged resources, wicking beds, and drought-tolerant plants, which only need to be watered once or twice a month, making them environmentally friendly. Though the Food is Free Project started with just one garden, in less than three months most of the neighbors on the pilot block had their own community garden in their front yards. Now the project has spread to over 300 cities across the world, transforming neighborhoods, schools, and other community spaces.


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  • Susan Starkey

    I loved hearing how many additional good things happened as she stayed true to her Gift of offering Food is Free

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  • Learn more about how to start your own front yard community garden project.
  • For more inspiration, watch the guerilla gardener of L.A., Ron Finley's TED talk.
  • Consider other ways to bring people together around food. Hold a food drive, throw a block party, or organize a visit to local farms in your area.

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