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According to Claire Stapleton, the Senior Director of Smile Farms, 80% of developmentally disabled adults in the United States are unemployed. Smile Farms is working to change this statistic by providing jobs to adults with developmental disabilities in farm settings, whether it’s in an urban farm or in a greenhouse. The farmers find the work meaningful and they are able to make money doing something they feel proud to do. The farmers grow a variety of crops that they sell to their local communities, allowing them to contribute healthy food and local plants while earning a paycheck. Smile Farms hopes to have more farms across the United States and to have more companies investing in their mission.


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  • Apply to be a Smile Farms Ambassador in your community.
  • Read these tips on how to enable those with disabilities to get a job.
  • If you are an employer, consider how you might make jobs available for someone with a developmental disability.

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