Though no road, no phone, and no computer reaches the rainforest communities in South America that make their living by harvesting the surrounding jungle, one Austin-based non-profit, the Rainforest Partnership run by Niyanta Spelman, has been working with rainforest communities to help them make a living in sustainable ways and to raise awareness of the disappearing forests. In doing so, this project creates a model not only of ecological sustainability, but also of social responsibility and social inclusiveness—while slowing down the destruction that, if continued at the current rate, threatens to disappear the remaining rainforests by 2050.


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  • Jose Noe Ushiñahua

    El trabajo que la Asociación Rainforest Realiza, en los Bosques Amazónicos es bastante interesante para los nativos de los diferentes Valles y cuencas, permite que cada comunero sepa la importancia de Manejar y Conservar los recursos naturales, Flora, Fauna, Recursos hidrobiologicos y otros de interés Mundial; mediante esta acción sostenible en el tiempo, para que en el futuro tenga oportunidades diversas las generaciones y crear medios de generar empleo mediante su uso.

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  • Listen to this short presentation by John Fullerton, who founded the Capital Institute in order to find alternatives to capitalism, whose finance-dominated model threatens the future of our natural world.
  • What are some real ways in which you can "partner" with others or with nature to bring change to less sustainable ways of life? 

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