The Muslim community in Malaysia predominately sees dogs as being unclean. Pak Mie and his wife Mak Intan see things differently. In 1990 they began sheltering stray dogs and cats using their own funds. While over the years they have garnered support from people such as Nizam, who donates chicken heads, and Yang, who supplies them with rice, the couple have still had to struggle to continue this work. They spend their savings on food and medicine, and put the needs of the animals largely ahead of their own. In the words of Syeikh Ahml, a Kedan Muslim cleric, “The Prophet has said God wants you to do good deeds to every creature.” Pak Mie and Mak Intan have made this their life’s work. Pak Mie died of a stroke in March of 2015 but Mak Intan continues to care for these animals, at one count over 700 dogs and 200 cats. In 2016 she was awarded the Dignifying A Profession Award by the Rotary Club. Intan says she will continue this work for as long as she can, hopefully inspiring her three children to continue their parents’ legacy.


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  • chaska

    this is beautifull , what inspiring work this man is doing.... How can one donate?

  • sandra atherton

    I would like to donate, how?, Sandra atherton , Ecuador

  • Karen

    Noble! Courageous! Selfless! Truly spiritual! GOD bless them both and all those who have helped and continue to do so.

  • Beverly Best

    So awesome to see such compassion and's always rewarding to help God's creatures, big and small. They truly have been doing a much needed service and I pray that others will learn of them and turn their beliefs around about dogs. Saw a video about So. Korea recently during Olympics about how severely mistreated dogs and cats are and this goes on in many countries. If they are going to eat them, they at least must treat them humanely! Thank you for this video and will share with many, as well as donate. Many blessings!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful, here's to seeing value and worth in all creatures <3

  • Dominic

    everything about it is inspiring. An they not get help from PETA or the local SPCA?

  • Cindy

    Lovely couple .... they see all God’s creatures as equals. Kudos!

  • j

    This is sadly unusual, but I can't play this video. Did this happen to others? Any suggestions?

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  • Learn more about the Pak Mie shelter and their continued work by following their Facebook page.
  • Even if you don't have room for 700 dogs and cats you might be able to shelter one or two. Consider becoming an animal foster parent.
  • Pak Mie once saw a group of kids beating a stray dog. Teach your children to be kind to animals and they will grow up to be happier and more compassionate adults.

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