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Singapore has a large number of migrant workers with statistics showing over a million people in their 2017 foreign workforce. These people are often disparaged by local citizens, who may see them as different, lesser, invisible. Sok Hwee, after reading a story about a foreign worker left to die in the streets, was inspired to change how she treated these workers. Sok Hwee now works with Agape Community Services, assisting with their weekly English classes offered on Saturday evenings at a nearby migrant worker dorm. She expresses that anyone can help out: as a facilitator, setting up the classroom, serving food, or being a “befriender.” “All you need is just a willing heart and willing hands.” This ministry has led her to make deep friendships with the people she supports. She has traveled to India to attend their weddings and meet their families, and their presence has enriched her life.


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  • Visit Our Better World to hear more stories of people doing good in Asia to inspire global action.
  • Many immigrants just need a friend; someone who can help them get to know the area  Reach out to them. You may find they add more to your life than you do to theirs.
  • Immigrants face many problems no matter where they go to find work. Find out how you can help people in your area.

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