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Schoolteacher and founder of the Green Bronx Machine, Stephen Ritz, called "Father Nature" by a student, gets kids genuinely excited about growing, cooking and eating healthy food. His students in the Bronx participate in the the entire seed to table process from planting the vegetables to cooking a homegrown meal. His classroom, which he entitled The National Health, Wellness and Learning Center, includes a plethora of plants, some hanging from tower gardens, and a mobile cooking station. In the midst of a food desert "where it's easier to buy liquor than lettuce", Ritz sends kids home with bags full of vegetables grown at school every week.


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  • Rosanne

    oh how wonderful to have a teacher who truly cares no matter what!!!!

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  • Learn more about Stephen Ritz's Green Bronx Machine and volunteer if you are inspired!
  • The Edible Schoolyard provides an edible education, teaching kids how to grow and cook vegetables. Founded in Berkeley, they now offer edible education around the world. Find an Edible Schoolyard near you.
  • Serve with the FoodCorps to bring vegetable gardens to school-kids throughout the States and protect healthy food in schools. 

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