Fame has taught Josh Radnor, writer, director and actor known around the world for his role on the TV show, "How I Met Your Mother," many valuable lessons. In this Ink talk he describes those lessons, from the heightened insecurities that come from being more visible, to the ability to handle criticism and the desire to use the limelight to be a positive example and role model. These lessons are for all of us, not just the famous. He talks about the visibility of the internet and how we all have an "audience" and how what we convey to our audience, through our words and actions, effects those who come in contact with what we put out there. Being visible gives us an opportunity to do good, to positively influence those around us.


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  • Think about the audience for whom you are visible today, through social media, email and other venues. What influence do you wish to have on them? Let your words reflect that wish.

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