When having a conversation, how much are we truly listening? Often, we listen with the intent to reply, not to understand, says Celeste Headlee, writer and radio host. Wisdom abounds on how to appear engaged, but little of it focuses on how to actually take in what the other person is saying. In this insightful TED talk, Headlee shares 10 practical tips on how to have better conversations, from keeping it brief to going with the flow. According to Headlee, even if you just pick one to master, your conversations will begin to improve dramatically.


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  • Aabha

    How amazing! 'Enter every conversation like you have something to learn. Be open to be amazed :)))'

  • Joseph Pithekar

    I teach counselling skills to teachers. I have to ask them again n again to listen. The talk was really original. Thanks.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    The only way to build a bridge is to listen to the other person's story and seek to understand. <3 And being open and willing to listen is key. <3 Enter every conversations like you have something to learn. YES <3

  • Jitu Jhaveri

    In a good conversation, other person is more important and interesting than YOU.

  • Diane

    This is wonderful advice, and beautifully delivered. I have been inspired by Celeste Headlee!!

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  • Pick one tip to focus on this week. How did it feel when you used it in conversation?

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