Dr. Mahabir Pun first dreamed of connecting his small mountain village of Nangi to the internet after spending 6 years trekking 4 days every month to check his email. In 2001, he began a tireless campaign to connect his remote region in the Himalayas to the world. What served initially as a communications tool for these isolated communities has gone on to improve their quality of life in ways they never imagined. He now dreams of creating better educational opportunities and additional income-generating projects for rural Nepal.


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  • Carsten

    They will survive when the rest of the world have been destroyed. But, of course, until then, it is wise for them to try and develop their society. I hope they will be able to do it in a good way.

  • Michelle

    What inspired you about this video? Everything is indeed possible! What an amazing, creative man. I agree with Marylou about the alcohol. It is not necessary in such a beautiful place.

  • Suzanne

    Dr. Pun's vision for a better world for his village. He's a magnificent change agent.

  • Marylou Sanchez

    WOW! I am always amazed at the human spirit, so many dreams and I know everything is possible. I hope they focus on projects that do not involve alcohol. Alcohol takes your consciousness away, we want things that brings you connection, self-awareness and consciousness.

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  • Learn about the Himanchal Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes and advances Mahabir Pun's vision for extended educational opportunities in rural Nepal.
  • Watch Empowering Women in Rural Nepal and meet Chuna Devi Pangani, who became inspired to teach others after her own experience of learning to read. 
  • Check with your local library for education and literacy volunteer opportunities - make a difference in someone's life.

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