People of all ages and from all walks of life share stories about their moms in this surprising, compelling, and emotionally vulnerable story about the transformative impact of moms. The best gift for mom this Mother's Day is to tell her what's in your heart. What will you say?


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  • Ken

    My Mom, she sent it to me! She means the world to me! I will miss her dearly when she is gone. Love you Mom!

  • Barbara

    How lucky I am to have three kids who tell me great things all the time...There is al lot of who I am that came from my Mom, her big heart and adventurous nature.

  • Sandy

    What inspired you about this video? To be patient and always tell my mother everyday how much I love her.

  • Jeffrey F Dean

    You have to Like Her first

  • Deepak

    Thank you so muuch .

  • Raven

    This video reminded me why I wanted to be a mom soooo badly. I love my son to infinity and beyond. The love I received from my own mother made me feel like I was always one of God's favorite creations. I love my mom with all my heart, she inspires me to this day to be the best mom in the world to the next generation. Thank you Mom for EVERYTHING!!!

  • Dilip Shah

    Mother's love is universal. I am 78 and still remember and pray for my parents and all siblings every single day.

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