One afternoon, a group of people showed up a farmers' market with armfuls of wrapping paper and colorful ribbons. They came to gift-wrap the entire street to remind everyone that the present moment is a gift. " We are literally just wrapping up everything in sight" an organizer tells a passerby. Wrapping up the tables and chairs, placing bows on people and dogs -- this video is a joyful reminder to celebrate the gift of today.


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  • David

    The Joy of giving! Beautiful! This takes me back to the most pivotal day of my life. That day I discovered that everything, every moment, every experience is a gift. Life does not occur that way to most of us most of the time. Why? That leads me to the the second most pivotal day of my life, the day that I learned that receptivity is everything. "What am I willing to receive?" For every moment, the manner in which we receive determines what is received. On the day of that first pivotal event, I was indicted for criminal charges that I didn't know were committed. I was totally crushed, horrified. I wanted to disappear and never be seen again. I learned to receive those indictments as a gift, and this changed my life forever. I will always be grateful for that event, even though the consequences of it were staggering. Why? I live a life of personal and spiritual freedom that I would have missed without it.

  • Sundi

    Although I love the sentiment, i sure hope some of that paper could be reused! The chalk, the small ribbons, the signs all brilliant. But we need to remember that paper itself is a gift, all our resources are gifts as great as today is a gift. Am I a curmudgeon? You can see it that way, but i would hope next time this beautiful message is accompanied by an earth ethic too.

  • Marie

    The JOY it brought to me, seeing other people who share my feelings about the gift of just ONE precious day. A BLESSING

  • Paul Hayes

    Good news,

  • Patrick Watters

    A bit more history on the Lakeview community for those who may be interested:

  • Patrick Watters

    Just for reference - ,_Chicago I was curious about the community where this occurred and how we might do the same elsewhere.

  • Bonnie

    This is so amazing! I want to steal the idea and replicate it in my community!!

  • Marc

    So easy to forget.. thanks for the reminder : )

  • Debra Roberts

    This is so deeply lovely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Kay

    We need more positive spontaneity like this!

  • Colleen

    When I started watching the video, I was reminded of the dear Amy Krouse Rosenthal. And there, at the end of the video, was her name!! She made the world a much better place. I love this idea!

  • Neeharika

    Don't get wrapped up in tomorrow. So overwhelming & beautiful!!

  • Michael P Butler

    People taking the time to spread a positive message.

  • Mary Anne

    Whatever creates beauty or gives a moments pause to enjoy it in this hectic world we lie in is never a waste!

  • Jack

    What a waste of paper!!

  • claire

    What a wonderful reminder to remember to be grateful for this gift. The video made me smile.

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  • Take time to notice and appreciate the present moment. Then share that appreciation with those around you. Try a random act of kindness!
  • Try a meditation to savor the present moment and reflect on the daily gift of life. 
  • Offer to gift wrap your neighborhood! Get together with your friends and remind your community that today is a gift!

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