Jacob Cramer is a young man with a vision. His vision is of a world in which every elderly person knows that he/she is appreciated, respected and loved. Jacob works to make his vision real through the non profit that he founded, Love for the Elderly. Through the group's efforts more than 10,000 letters have been sent to elderly residents of nursing homes, letting them know that they are not forgotten. Jacob's kindness towards older people is a result of the relationship that he had with his grandfather who died when he was ten years old. His love for older people is a tribute to the powerful bond he shared with his grandfather.


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  • Learn more about Love for the Elderly.
  • Watch this video on how preschool children and elderly residents can come together for the benefit of all. 
  • Give the gift of time through a visit, phone call or a letter, to an elderly person in your life.

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