Witness the beautiful fabric woven by traditional weavers in Toraja, Indonesia, and learn how their collective is working to bring economic independence to the weavers while preserving weaving as part of their cultural heritage. The social enterprise, Torajamelo, transforms the lives of these weavers, offering scholarships for their children and grandchildren and health insurance for themselves and their families so that they can continue making their beautiful creations while still caring for their families and farms.


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  • Cynthia Meier

    I love anything that shows the strength of women...thank you so much.

  • Deborah Toland

    everything, what a beautiful thing to do to support these women and their artistry.

  • Deborah

    The context that the women are already powerful, and do not need empowerment, simply access and support. YES! Such a blessing this context is and will be. Deborah L Adams Everett, WA USA

  • Lata Shah

    It is inspiring that we depend on each other, I do my part without any inferior feeling.Everyone is as important as me. I am thankful to so many every moment I do something. Very good message. Thank you

  • Genevieve Balance Kupang

    Bravo to our master weavers, the wisdom keepers of our ASEAN cultural heritage! Blessed are the hands that weave, the minds that co-create with the Divine beautiful woven tapestry, and the community that support for this traditional wealth to flourish. I hope that with this awareness campaign many will support these women who keep this unique tradition of Indonesia and the ASEAN community. More blessings to come and may you all flourish a million-fold.

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  • Learn more about the work of Torajamelo
  • Read about how one woman refugee turned entrepreneur uplifts other women.
  • Consider how you can support artisans and crafters who are working to support themselves and their families, either locally or from afar.

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