At that "magical moment between civil and nautical twilight... when your ears are tuned to the wind and your eyes begin to shift from day to night,' Fly by Night begins. 1,800 LED-lit pigeons fly in a coordinated pattern above the East River, taking to the sky from a decommissioned aircraft carrier docked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Using whistles and garbage bags tied to the end of bamboo poles, artist Duke Riley and his assistants guide the birds in their illuminated flight for a half hour show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings until June 12, 2016. The free shows, commissioned by the non-profit arts organization, Creative Time, are completely booked, but we are lucky to have this exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the artist and his process.


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  • Towanda Allen


  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Pigeons, so much more intelligent and interesting than people realize. Thank you for sharing their beauty and the history of pigeon fanciers as well as how they served. Very cool project too illuminating their beauty. So cool with the LED rather than the messages. To literally highlight. So beautiful and magical. Also inspiring to see how one's personal passion drives them to creation and sharing their art form! The training is also super inspiring, to imagine that relationship between human and bird, the connection formed! <3

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Very cool. Peace through Art and People...1Earth

  • Glenn

    This is an incredible cooperation between two species to create beauty. Thank you Duke and the entire project team!

  • gayathri

    Talking stars...flying stars...beyond!!

  • Helen Baker

    Everything inspired me about this video. I loved it!

  • Annie

    The incredible intelligence and sympathetic relationship of the pigeons with humans is truly astonishing; the beauty of their flight and the wonder of their willingness to be guided by humans is astonishing as well.

  • jean

    Makes me want to fly...

  • candy

    Both calming and exhilarating all at once. Beautiful, peaceful, creative, generous.

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  • Find out more about the Brooklyn-based artist, Duke Riley, who created "Fly By Night."
  • Read the fascinating history of carrier pigeons.
  • Tune in to the natural patterns that birds and animals make in their environment.

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