Noah Levine was once a troubled young man who sought escape through drugs and alcohol. Today, he is a well-known meditation teacher and founder of the Oakland, California-based Mind Body Awareness (MBA) Project, an initiative that has been transforming the lives of incarcerated and at-risk youth through mindfulness meditation since 2000. This vivid, luminous trip through the lives, minds, and hearts of some of the faces involved in and touched by the MBA Project speaks to the power of meditation to expose and to make radically effective, and radically influential, the shared human desire “to be loved, to be heard, to be tender, to be free.”


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  • Learn more about the ways in which the MBA Project is working to effect change in the lives of others.
  • Watch the documentary The Interruptors to witness the courage and determination of two men and a woman taking direct action in their neighborhoods to stop gang violence.
  • Choose to devote attention to your thoughts and actions, exploring what it can mean to choose kindness in challenging moments.

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