Brownsville, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, has the highest concentration of public housing in America. But even in this outlier neighborhood, there are areas that are at the extreme edge of concentrated poverty. Community Solutions, a data-driven organization helping to end homelessness in America, takes a systems approach to solving the complicated problems involved in homelessness. President Roseanne Haggerty volunteered at a homeless shelter after graduating college and was shocked that more resources weren’t being put into helping those in need. When she realized that building homes was not solving the problem, she began to look at the heart of the problem and is using technology and data sharing tp allow a variety of organizations and government departments to meet the needs of a community in the most effective way possible. come up with solutions to assist individuals to resolve the issues at hand. Yet in the end, Community Solutions' mission is to help people, one person at a time.


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  • Learn more about the work of Community Solutions and how you can get involved.
  • Watch We Are All Homeless to see how one artist helps people see the humanity in all of us.
  • Find a homeless shelter near you and see if you can volunteer to provide things such as job training, resume help, or other things that can make a lasting impact.

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