Clarkston, Georgia has been called “the most diverse square mile in America,” but only 30 years ago it was a predominantly white town. In the 1990s agencies that help refugees resettle in America set their sights on this small Southern town because of its open rental market and direct public transit line to Atlanta, where people may be able to find work and access other services. Luma Mufleh, an immigrant from Jordan, saw that the children of this community needed help themselves finding their way in their new home. In 2004 she began the Fugees Family, designed specifically to help young survivors of war to succeed. Realizing that soccer is one thing that the youth coming from 28 different countries have in common, she began with coaching them in the sport. She now provides a school dedicated to refugee education which boasts an 8 to 1 student ration and a 90% graduation rate.


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