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Phyllis Shaughnessy, a great-grandmother in a rural area of Washington State, is helping to bridge the food gap for hundreds of children who live too far from USDA designated summer food programs. Children who during the school year receive free or reduced price school lunches often go hungry on the week ends and during the summer, in spite of the fact that their parents may be working more than one job to make ends meet. Phyllis and her cadre of volunteers hand pack and deliver almost 400 lunches every day, 5 days per week during the summer, and on week ends during the school year, through Green Lantern Lunches. Their work is a shining example of community members caring for each other.


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  • Padmini

    I am beyond words for the kids. You got to care and you all can share . Love you grandma 💕

  • Kati

    I love this woman's enthusiasm and her gentle kindness. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • nadya

    it is a bless life she is living

  • Diane

    This woman is a fabulous example to all. She does not need to be called a grandmother to make her seem more special.

  • Isbel McKenzie

    She is absolutely inspiring. I think people like this, who just decide to do what needs to be done, are the absolute best. That said, rethink your captions, would you please? She is a woman. The fact that she's a grandmother has nothing at all to do with this story.

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  • Learn more about Green Lantern Lunches and how to support the program.
  • Read about Kitchen of Cheer, a program helping food insecure children and their families in Cambodia. 
  • What resources exist for children in your area who receive free/reduced price school lunches on the week ends and during the summer? If there are gaps in availability of food for them, how can you help?

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