A film by HooplaHa.

Gino Greganti and Ian Michael are US Marine Corps veterans traveling across the United States with the goal of hugging veterans at every VA hospital in the country, or at over 150 hospitals. The reason? Having returned from duty with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they decided that the best way to help veterans heal is to share the power of the human touch. After a dream he had of biking across the country with the word “human” on his back, Michael began to share hugs. And, as he puts it, “why wouldn’t you need a hug? If you wake up and you go one day without a hug, then there’s your answer.”


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  • Learn more about the Human Hug Project and the experiences of war veterans.
  • This short, poignant clip powerfully illustrates how easy it can be to forget the love that sustains us—but that human hearts are meant to love.
  • Give someone a hug! 

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