"Even though I am now almost completely blind due to the late embers of the naked sky of Hiroshima, when I first saw with the 'vision of the heart,' I finally understood that I am at last, truly able to see. When I had an epiphany two decades ago, I was convinced that forgiveness is the first step toward peace...My life story demonstrates how a heart twisted by hatred and revenge can be transformed by forgiveness, evolving to a path of peaceful wisdom and the essential work of healing human hearts." In this sweet video, Takashi Tanemori shares his "vision" for the world after Hiroshima.


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  • Grete

    "I met a blade of grass....!" This will stay with me. Thank you!

  • chris

    Such a gift to have elders amongst us like Takashi, who have peered into the abyss and bring back lessons to share. I remember meeting him briefly once years back; he exuded such acceptance and grace with his presence. Thank you Takashi and Jason for sharing this truth and beauty.

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  • Read a chapter of Takashi Tanemori's book, "Hiroshima: Bridge to Forgiveness," to learn more about his incredible journey.
  • Watch this video for a powerful story of a father who forgave the man who killed his son as part of a gang initiation and started an organization to help at-risk youth as a result.
  • Next time you feel anger at a loved one's actions, try practicing "instant forgiveness," opening your heart to your loved one's reality in that moment.

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